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ACH Dental PracticeACH Dental Practice
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Chey TWDChey TWD

I have to visit the special dental care unit here and I must say as a particularly petrified patient the staff in the dental practice are very very understanding I know I'm only here for a limited amount of time after I get the rest of the work done (my teeth are terrible) I never want to go back to my usual dentist although I hate dental work this place makes me feel welcome and comfortable my hand gets held my hair gets stroked and I'm talked to through the whole process. Mainly for children to attend but if your an adult who feels like they can't go to the usual dentists because it's to frightening please try and get referred to a special dental clinic it's the best for people who have phobias

Ashleigh Seery-pughAshleigh Seery-pugh

My Dentist On My Last Visit Was Very Rude With Me. No Patience In The Slightest. Felt Very Uncomfortable Around Her

Natalie FlynnNatalie Flynn
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